Butterfly Fashion

Framed Butterflies

There are about 18,000 species of butterfly in the world, many of them with amazing colours and incredible beauty. We are rarely able to see them in their natural surroundings, partially due to the fact that the tropical butterfly lives only for an average of two weeks and then it disappears. But now, when the butterfly’s purpose in life is completed, there is one more stage.  When the butterflies fall to earth they are collected, carefully wrapped and shipped to our Butterfly Gallery, where we create unique displays.

Hundreds of butterflies raised in controlled settings known as “butterfly farms” are rescued from decay and transformed into framed compositions.  

You may be concerned that the collection of real butterflies is harmful to the species but evidence proves otherwise. The collecting of butterflies provides the money to encourage habitat preservation. We obtain our butterflies from suppliers that support butterfly farms. Governments in tropical countries are encouraging insect farming as a way to save their forests from being cleared for other sources of income. Permit systems are enforced around the world for farming and collection of insects. 

Our unique hand mounted butterfly creations bring the beauties of the rain forest to your home while helping preserve the rain forest and its insect species around the world. 

Treat this butterfly as you would any fine art object. Avoid exposure to the extremes of temperature, humidity, or direct sunlight. With proper care you will be sure to enjoy this marvel of nature for many years to come.

Our Butterfly Creations are sure to impress whether to beautify your home, or to offer as an unique gift.